Feedback from The Priests

Your visit has had a very positive effect on the small groups that you met with and the people who heard you speak. This shows in the number of people who have put their names forward and understanding that there are many people who are unable due to other commitments to give that hour, but nevertheless, have drawn a deeper understanding of Adoration from listening to yourselves, and will from time to time drop in.

Once again, be assured of our prayers in your great work and thank you most sincerely for making that difference in our Parish. Thanking you.

Fr. Hugh O’Byrne, Blackwater

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Blackwater started on New Year’s Day 1997 after a visit by the National Organiser, Cathal Magee. At first the period of Adoration varied for some time, eventually it was fixed from 10am until 2pm on Wednesday. In the last few years we also had Adoration on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-5pm.

In 2010, at the instigation of the Diocesan Adoration Committee and a visit from Brendan Cleary, a new schedule has been arranged. Brendan Cleary gave a very powerful presentation on Eucharistic Adoration. There was an immediate reaction which was very positive from many that weekend. The fact that the hours from 10am to 10pm were filled straightaway tells us this.

His faith in the Eucharist and its centrality in our lives was very well presented. One could not but be impressed and drawn towards commitment. We thank him for his wonderful presentation.

Thank God I Am A Priest - by Fr. Paddy Reilly

Of all the things I love to do
The one I love the most,
Is in the mass each morning
To consecrate the Host.
Is then my soul with joy is filled,
My heart with love expands,
For I hold the Lord of Glory
In these unworthy hands.

Then we offer Him in sacrifice
To the great good God above
And ask Him to protect us
And keep us in His love.
Next I give Him to the faithful,
So that one and all may eat,
Of the food that’s most replenishing,
Most nourishing, most sweet.
Then we thank the Lord of Glory
For this delightful feast,
And thank Him more especially
That like Him I am a priest
And then I ask Him what He’ll have me do, in order to repay,
The gift of offering up the Host
On each successive day.

So he gently whispered back to me, in tones both soft and low
“My son thou  art a priest
And so I have thee go
To the sheep without a shepherd,
For the sake of whom I died,
Whose souls I won on Calvary
When I was crucified”.

“I have thee go and tell them
How dear they are to Me,
How dreadfully I suffered
That they might all be free.
How desperately I longed for them to come to Me and eat
Of the food that’s most replenishing
Most nourishing, most sweet”.